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Pribluda Problem

Today, 02:15 PM

Posted by twinpotter in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I recently had a problem with the 65 mod crashing to the desktop after entering the pit and pressing the ESC key on my keyboard.
Thanks to Bob Simpson I resolved the problem by changing my rasterisers from open GL to direct 3D(new versions) See link to original problem. http://srmz.net/inde...showtopic=10127

Now when I drive in the mod Prib is working OK except in the top left corner which I think show's the sector times there is a section of black border missing just below the C symbol.Instead where it is cut out and missing I get a section of graphic picture which looks like a mirror view of the track behind me.For instance if I have passed under a Tyre bridge it show's a little bit of the top part of the Tyre.

I think I heard in the annals of GPL problems that direct 3D can disrupt Prib but I am not sure if I have heard this right?

Any help or advice would be great and if a screen shot is required I can take one at a later date to help diagnose.

Thanks TP: :hat-tip:

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Question About Night Mod

Yesterday, 04:32 AM

Small question about the Night mod : I made 2 extra player profiles for it.
1 for '65 and 1 for '67, but only in my '65Nite player folder I see an additionaly player.ini file called plan65.ini.
There's no plan67.ini file to be found.
However; my best times are saved in the player.ini file under my '67Nite player folder.

So to sum it up this is the file structure now:
Bart_65Nite --> plan65.ini
Bart_67Nite --> player.ini

Shouldn't the 67Nite have its own plan67.ini file ?

Just to make sure everything was installed properly...



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Ctd With >15 Ai Selected ?

Yesterday, 03:32 AM

Hi all,

I stumbled upon a weird problem the other day.
When using the '67 (standard carset) and trying to start a race weekend I get a CTD, but only when selected 16 or more AI opponents !

It all works fine if I select only 15 (or less), but starting with 16 and upper I always get a CTD, even on the 11 standard tracks :o

I have to investigate a bit further but the problem hasn't occured (so far) yet with '65 mod, or any other mod.
I have installed : '65, '66, '69, '69X, 'TC and Nite mod.

I've attached the debug output from GEM if it's any help. Could it be a simple carset error ?



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In Game Helmets

Yesterday, 04:15 PM

hi all. I was wondering how to get the helmets from this site into the sim. Here is the link:http://srmz.net/sub/thommo/Helmets.htm

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Thank You Thank You!

26 Jul 2014

Posted by longhairedguy in Member Feedback
Just saying thanks to the person or people responsable for fixing my validation problem. I am overjoyed that I found this site, as I have recently got GPL and I am hooked now. I gotta do some laps at some time during the day or  I go through GPL withdrawls. I am a big racing fanantic and love simulation driving the best. Again a tremendous thank you for the help and time to do it.  much respect!!!!


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